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Little Red Caboose
Art Gallery

The inspiration for the gallery was the purchase of an authentic red railway caboose which was built in the 70’s. We had it transported from Christchurch and placed on our section. I create my art in here when the gallery is open to the public (Saturdays, School Holidays and By Appointment).

In the repurposed shipping container that sits alongside the little red caboose is the gallery full to the brim of my art pieces. Orepuki is the main inspiration for my mixed media artwork and jewellery.

#littleredcabooseartgallery Andrea Sexton Artist   Orepuki, Southland, NZ.jpg
Little Red Caboose Art Gallery - Andrea Sexton Artist, New Zealand.jpg
Art in progress - Andrea Sexton - Orepuki, Southland NZ, Mixed Media Artist.jpg
Textile Artist - Andrea Sexton - Little Red Caboose Art Gallery, Southland NZ.jpg
Mixed Media & Textile Artist - Little Red Caboose Art Gallery - Andrea Sexton Artist, NZ.j
Little Red Caboose Art Gallery - Andrea Sexton Artist, NZ.jpg

We had the most wonderful holiday in Southland, but by far the highlight for me was popping into the most gorgeous little gallery just up from Gemstone Beach called the Little Red Caboose.  Gemstone beach is a must see too by the way.  What a thrill it was to meet with Andrea, the amazing woman behind this extraordinary gallery filled with delightful art, inspired by the dramatic and engaging natural scenery.  Each piece is a treasure and so reasonably priced. Go quickly before everyone catches onto this hidden gem.  Andrea does it for the love of art and the enjoyment of meeting new people.  I left inspired and refreshed with a couple of treasures under my arm, now gracing my walls at home. Those artworks are very special to me.

Andrea's creativity, positive energy, and passion for art are reflected in the variery of beautiful pieces of art that she creates. Make sure you stop at her gallery in Orepuki - talking to Andrea about her art will leave you inspired and in awe!

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