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Couple repurposing former dental clinic

Otago Daily Times

20 January 2022

An Invercargill couple are transforming a former dental clinic into a homestead at Orepuki.


Mark and Andrea Sexton bought the health centre seven years ago when housing prices were affordable, they said. They estimated the total cost of the homestead makeover would be about $200,000.

"That is nothing for what we got [the home for] and we can’t afford to do this anywhere else in New Zealand.......

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Container’s precious ‘cargo’: a pop-up art gallery

Otago Daily Times

12 January 2022

A refurbished shipping container in Orepuki is home to Invercargill artist Andrea Sexton’s gallery.


The idea to remake the vessel into a pop-up gallery, the Little Red Caboose, on her property happened about two years ago, Mrs Sexton said.

"I had always wanted a space to display my art work but we couldn’t afford anything else, so the shipping container was affordable," she said......

On a fine and frosty day


11 June 2020

As I have said in the past, I am very grateful to live in this special part of the world. We have the ability if we wish to interact with nature every day.


Some people are really embracing and celebrating it. I have a friend Andrea Sexton who is an extremely talented artist. Her family are setting up their piece of paradise at Orepuki.

She has a little gallery on the main road. Her work is stunning and celebrates nature in all its glory. Orepuki scenes, stitched, lacquered, sometimes including found items. Handmade fabric cati​ pot plants, beautiful screen-printed jewellery all made locally by one of our own........

Stuff 11 Jun 2020.PNG
Arts Murihiku 27 Dec 2019.jpg

'Little Red Caboose' Pop Up Art Gallery

Arts Murihiku

27 December 2019

Andrea Sexton, a local artist is opening a ‘pop up’ gallery during the summer months in Orepuki. She will feature mainly her work and the work of a few other artists (to be confirmed). The gallery is in a re-fabricated shipping container. Mark Sexton Upholstery will also feature work for sale. The gallery is situated on the main highway, opposite Gemstone Beach. Parking is available. There will be no set opening times, when the sign is out people are free to visit. Call Andrea on 021992203 if you wish to make an appointment to view the work if you wish to plan in advance.

Drawing inspiration from Watercolour New Zealand

Watercolour New Zealand


In July I (Catriona Cunningham) entered a watercolour titled “Invercargill, City of Water and Light” in the ILT (Invercargill Licensing Trust) Art Awards 2018. The awards are a significant annual event run by the Southland Art Society and are open to artists, both local and nationwide, working in any medium.

When the winners were announced I was surprised to hear the judges had chosen my watercolour painting as the Supreme Award Winner commenting that although it is a small work it has “great punch” and is an obvious winner as it “caught our eye and dragged us across the room”. In second place was a video called “Leaving Traces Only” by Daegan Wells ($2,500), third place Andrea Sexton’s painting “Oraka Views” ($1000) and the Southland Resident Award went to James Morgan for his sculpture “Paikea” ($4,500)........

Much of our art is conservative, often driven by the artist’s need for an income. But in New Zealand we have diversity. We need to break free, be adventurous and explore.

The point is, do the ducks really matter?

Beware the duck-fuelled tanty fuss

The Southland Times

19 September 2015

One of the partners at work and I share an eclectic taste in art. Recently he purchased a work comprising five flying stuffed ducks. I love it.

One of my other partners...said he was going to take said ducks and put them in his maimai in Riversdale. He hates the ducks - and I mean loathes and is offended by them.......

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