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This mixed media piece is one of a series based on Gemstone Beach, Orepuki, Southland. One of our favourite things to do at Orepuki is a beach walk with Nitro and Zinger, our fur babies. Of late with the full moon, and BIG tides, an abundace of gloious seaweed litters the beach, discarded and left behind from raging waves. I adore the colours and textures, juxpositined beside shiny wet gemstones. This is my inspiration. This work is a hand coloured, screen printed image on ply, resin, watercolours, inks (including indigo ink made by me), and hand stitched detail on quality 100% cotton paper.


Frame: This work is framed in a simple white box frame.


Dimensions: 280mm x 350mm

Beach Find Series - Single form

  • Flat rate of $20.00 NZ-wide (almost all pieces).

    Flat rate of $5.00 NZ-wide (jewellery only).

    Oversized items will be stated and shipping rate shown separately.

    International shipping - price on request only.

    Your order will be shipped within 7 days.

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